Akhtaruzzaman’s three Leadership Traits that Accelerate Our Career

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Akhtaruzzaman’s three Leadership Traits that Accelerate Our Career 

Akhtaruzzaman Chowdhury Babu was a very initiative leader of Bangladesh. All the qualities of good leadership exist in him. If anyone stuck in a rut at work and he wishes to accelerate his career, then he can take and follow the leadership role which exist in Akhtaruzzaman, do the trick. His three leadership traits accelerate our career.

1.   Leader Akhtaruzzaman was future-oriented:

The predominant quality of best leaders is that they think about the future most of the time. They think about where they are doing rather than where they have been. Akhtaruzzaman was such a leader. He thought about where he was going rather where he had been. He maintained a positive attitude and thought about the opportunities of tomorrow. Akhtaruzzaman’s leadership ideology should be followed to accelerate a career.

To think like a leader, one must practice idealization in each area of his career, like Akhtaruzzaman. To get the most out of the use of idealization, one should begin by imagining that he has no limitations at all on what he can be, do or have. He must develop his additional knowledge, skills and leadership qualities. When he begins to develop leadership qualities, he begins to engage in what is called long-term thinking.

2.   Leader Akhtaruzzaman kept a positive attitude:

Akhtaruzzaman maintained a positive attitude and are long-term thinkers. Akhtaruzzaman inspired other people, friends, colleagues, associates to have a positive attitude and to be a long-time-thinker. He saw opportunities and possibilities in everything that happens, positive or negative, like great leaders. He looked for the suitable in every situation and in every person.

Like Akhtaruzzaman, one should look for the good in every situation. He should seek the valuable lessons contained in every problem or setback. He should have a sense of meaning and purpose in each area of his life because most of the great leaders have that sense.

He must have clear, written goals and plans he works on every day. Great leaders like Akhtaruzzaman have are clear about they are going and what they will have to do to get there; he also must be. By following these virtues, then one can accelerate his career.

3.   Leader Akhtaruzzaman took responsibility:

One of the most valuable leadership virtues is the acceptance of personal responsibility. Akhtaruzzaman’s also had. He never complained, never explained. Instead of making excuses, he made progress. Great leaders like Akhtaruzzaman see themselves as victors over circumstances rather than victims of circumstances. Akhtaruzzaman didn’t criticize or blame others when something went wrong. Instead, he focused on the solution. On what could be done.

To accelerate one’s career like Akhtaruzzaman, one should be intensely action-oriented. He must have integrity like Babu. He must tell the truth at all times because the acceptance of leadership is a great responsibility.


The great leader Akhtaruzzaman found the balance between business foresight, performance and character. He had vision, courage, integrity, humility and focus, along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyze cooperation amongst his team.

Once anyone should decide to become a leader in his life, he casts of pursuit off the shackles of fear and dependency with a positive attitude like Akhtaruzzaman. By following Babu’s leadership traits, anyone can achieve progress in his career.

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