Advanced Strategy: Card Counting Lesson Four

I have already mentioned that in an ideal situation, a card counter would not want to play a hand when the count is below -3. Although it is not always possible to avoid negative decks when counting cards, there are situations where it is best to sit a few hands out or even leave the table completely. Any time you avoid playing a hand in very negative calculations you are doing what is called “working out”. Wong can be a very useful technique because it both increases your advantage and reduces your risk. For this next lesson, let’s go over some of the most important facts about Wanging.

When out.

I like this technique and admit that I probably use it too much. Although Wanging helps you avoid situations where there are casino facilities, “Wang” is not always a good idea. If you leave a table every time the count is somewhat negative, you will never be able to sit for long if the count increases to the end. 

For this reason, most counters will only wang when the people counter goes below a certain point. Since we are using an unbalanced calculation, this point will vary depending on how many decks you are playing with. So instead of doing wang based on calculation, it will be easier to do wang based on how much the calculation has decreased. I would personally suggest getting out of a shoe if the count drops to a total of 6. If you have six or eight decks you may want to stay a little longer, as well as two decks if you are only playing with one or if you leave early. Always remember that playing on a negative count will only hurt your bankroll.

When to enter.

If the count decreases, the flip side of sitting outside is to come in shoes if the count increases. It’s called “Wanging In”. Access to two deck tables, in particular, is not always allowed. This is because the casino knows that if you only come in shoes that are good in number, you will always benefit from them.

So when should you wong? Well, again it changes a little based on the number of decks. If you are playing with a two or four-deck shoe, it would usually be worth coming into a calculation of zero. You have a solid advantage at the moment and the people counter is even better likely to increase significantly. If you wear a 6 or 8 deck shoe, you can count as low as -4. Again this will put you in a better position if the count is skyrocketing and allows you to avoid a lot of games with minimal betting hands.

The downside to being surprised is that a shoe has a significant 25% chance of being positive. This means you can sit down and watch four or five shoes before playing with your hands. While this can be annoying, it will lead to the ideal way of playing and high profits.

Now that you’ve heard of ideas like Wang’s, let’s take a look at some of the situations that don’t affect your calculations. Apply your knowledge in the form of this chapter to use these misconceptions to your advantage.

Heat when counting cards

In the calculation circle, the suspicion from the pit boss or camera surveillance is called “heat”. Sometimes you can notice the heat before it is effective, but sometimes it is not possible. In this section, we will talk about how to use the casino for catching counters and how you can avoid these measures to play as much as possible. One thing to keep in mind when discussing heat is that casinos lose a lot more than throwing out people who aren’t miscalculated. For this reason, they often will not come to you unless they are sure that you are hiding something.

Pete masters

Pitt has a lot to deal with bosses (no pun intended) and is not actively trying to catch the counter. They may know what a calculation is, but they probably don’t know a calculation method. If a situation is not very strange, a pit boss will not be the one who decides to deal with a counter. What Pete Boss can do is alert the surveillance room. Pitt officers are asked to look into specific situations and to report surveillance if they occur. 

These situations will include the following. Someone (usually a young man) seems to be betting a lot more than their looks. Someone who consistently holds the lowest bet and then raises their bet, soon to lower it again. Someone who is paying close attention to the cards on the table (looking at the table more than once with each hand). In the rare case that the pit boss actually calls the surveillance room, you can bet that they will follow you like a hawk.

Surveillance room

Most of the focus of casino blackjack surveillance is not really on finding card counters. In most cases, they are looking at dealers. A corrupt dealer can spend a lot more than any counter in a casino and they know it. That being said, there are still plenty of times where surveillance personnel will look at tables for counters.

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