How does acne cause scars?

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How does acne cause scars?

Everyone wants to eliminate their acne breakouts and scars. Basically, they all want beautiful, clean, and clear skin. Well, of course, you might want that too. But what exactly is acne? Acne or a pimple grows due to oil and sweat on the tiny openings of the skin.

Acne is a common skin condition. Approximately 80 percent of people have acne and their ages are between 11 and 30. Due to hormonal changes, acne causes breakouts and scars on the face of many teenagers. When it comes to adults, they get acne because of stress, menstrual cycles, environment, oil-based products, and birth control pills. In addition to this, hormones also play a huge role. Read on to know all about acne scars.

How does acne cause scars?

Skin is the body’s largest organ. The three layers of the skin include hypodermis, epidermis, and dermis. Thanks to the sunlight, these layers produce vitamin D. Additionally, they protect the fragile insides of the skin from bacteria and ultraviolet rays. If your skin consists of sebaceous glands, you will definitely get acne.

You will also get acne on the face, chest, and back. But what are these acne scars? The inflammation of acne blemishes leads to acne scars on the skin. After the swelling of the acne pore, the breakdown in the walls of the pores occurs. You will find a few acne blemishes that are small.

But you can ensure that they heal swiftly. If the blemishes are spilled into the surrounding tissue, it can result in deeper scars. Your skin will form new collagen fibers after the scar is repaired. In case there is an indentation in the skin’s surface, your acne scars can develop.

What’s more, loss of tissue aids in the development of acne scars. Collagen is utilized to repair the skin. But what if there is too much collagen? It can allow scars to form. But remember that having acne won’t necessarily allow you to get scars.

Even if you get scars, they might not turn out to be permanent. You can consult your dermatologist for treatments. Some treatments allow your skin to heal with collagen, whereas others require specific treatments.

What causes acne scars?

Due to acne breakouts, your skin and the tissues beneath it can get damaged. If your acne is getting cleared, it means that your body is repairing the damage. There are different types of scars, and it entirely depends upon the amount of collagen on the skin. The types of scars are raised acne scars and depressed acne scars.

Depression acne scars occur when the depressions form, and the skin heals because too little collagen is produced by the body. Raised acne scars occur when the underlying tissue and skin heal due to too much collagen production. Generally, raised acne scars are common amongst Asians, African Americans, and Hispanics.

What is most effective in removing acne scars?

As mentioned earlier, acne causes scars and breakouts. If your scars seem severe, you must consult your healthcare provider. When it comes to an effective treatment to try at home, you can use over-the-counter creams. But don’t forget to consult your dermatologists to choose the best skin cream for your scar.

Also, they might recommend you a complete set of acne-fighting products, which includes face wash, toner, serum, and sunscreen. In many acne creams or products, you will find active ingredients such as retinoid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, beta-hydroxy acid (BHA), and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).

On a temporary basis, you use water-based and light makeup to cover up your acne scars if really necessary say for an occasion but most importantly, let your skin breathe.

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