Access Control Systems Using Cutting-Edge Technology

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 Access Control Systems Using Cutting-Edge Technology

We are definitely living in a digital age and the latest generation of access control systems are already in place, not just here in the UK but all over the world. Keyless access control systems are in place at many commercial facilities, with cutting-edge software that enables multiple permission levels that allow you to create zones.

Additional Security

The pandemic has resulted in every organisation reviewing their security; there are school visitor management systems from Taremtec that provides every visitor with a touch-screen welcome, while recording every entry and exit. Biometric access control is already in use at many commercial facilities, using either fingerprint or retina scanning technology.

Access Control in Public Places

There are many locations that require access control, such as sports arenas, train and bus stations and government buildings adopt state of the art access control systems. As you would expect, there are specialised firms that supply and install access control systems and they have sector-specific software packages to suit your organisation.

5G & The Internet of Things (IoT)

Once the IoT is up and running and powered by 5G speeds, this will provide a platform for all digital devices to communicate with each other; systems will be managed by AI, software that actually learns and this will control a lot more than just access. Here are a few tips to optimise your business phone.

Facial Recognition

If you managed to gain access to one of China’s underground city monitoring facilities, you would see huge screens showing citizens going about their business and next to each person’s head is a block of text that identifies them. Millions of people can be tracked by this AI managed system, which does kind of reduce our freedoms, yet if you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be, there’s nothing to worry about.

Fingerprint Scan

This technology is certainly not new; employees were accessing their facilities with a fingerprint as long ago as 10 years, yet the technology has improved a great deal since the early days. Simply press a single finger onto the pad and you are granted access, plus the employer can bring up all the entry and exit data and track a person’s path through the facility.

Retina Scan

This is commonly used at medical facilities and government complexes where security is higher than normal, although the cost of such a system has dropped recently, plus there are other alternatives such as the popular iris recognition system where a hi-res image is stored and compared when the person requests access. This is a very cost-effective way to integrate biometric tech into your security, with basic systems costing a few hundred pounds. If cyber-security is a concern, there are affordable ways to protect your online data, which is essential during these troubled times.

Security is just one aspect of our lives that will be enhanced by digital technology and you can expect to see more digital tracking and zoning over the next few years.



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