A Little Bit about Children Foundations You Need to Know Before Donate

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If you’re considering donating to a charity that helps children in need, then you should know the basics. This blog post will cover some of the most important things about this topic and provide tips on where to donate.

1) There are over 250 million orphans worldwide with an estimated 20 million living in extreme poverty- these are children who have no food or shelter at all, let alone access to education.

2) The majority of those living below the international poverty line (less than $2 per day) are either young children or elderly people- there is only one person between these two age groups for every five people living below this line.

3a) Research has shown that when compared with other kinds of investments around the world, donors can see as much as a 13.5% increase in the amount of long-term change for their money by focusing on children and youth.

3b) In this same study, it was also shown that after donors stop donating to children’s programs they see a 41% decline in the returns from their investments over time

3c) One study showed that the average return from giving a child $100 when they were born until they reach 18 years of age is over $200,000

3d) in the past 20 years, giving to children has been linked with growth in 83% of countries surveyed.

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4) The cost of educating one child is about 70 times less than supporting a child living in poverty.

5) About 25% of children who work are doing so to make money for their families, and the majority of these kids live in poverty situations.

6) There’s a huge return on investment when it comes to giving out educational booklets- they help prevent disease and increase education levels by 20%.

7) The average return on investment (ROI) for every dollar spent to help a child in need is $3.50

This means that as soon as you invest one dollar, you will get forty-five cents back! Not too shabby huh?

8) A study of charities concluded that youth and children’s programs are the most cost-effective giving opportunities for donors. This has a lot to do with the fact that young people are more likely to stay rooted in poverty, which leads back to my first point

9) In developing countries, educating girls to increase their life expectancy by 20% and child marriage rates drop by up to 30%.

10) The average return on investment for every dollar spent on educating a girl is $3.70

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11) In the last few decades, donor support has helped provide kids with more access to education and also increased their attendance rates by 20%

12) If you give just one month’s worth of school fees, you can help prevent children from dropping out and help keep them in school an extra year and a half

13) Many developing countries require that children receive at least four years of education before working to help keep them from being exploited

14) When you give kids access to education, they are better able to get out of poverty. You can see this demonstrated in 80% of the countries studied in the past 20 years from international donors

15) This same study showed that the average return on investment for every dollar spent to promote education is $2.70

16) Children’s rights are violated in 70% of countries where they have no access to clean water, health care, or food

17) When children have better access to education, they are better able to fight for their rights!

18) Giving underprivileged children around the world a nutritious meal each day for lunch can help give them an additional 4-6 months of life. This is because it’s important that kids have enough energy when they need to be in school or working and studies have shown that kids who are overweight have a harder time concentrating and focusing.

19) If you give a child one nutritious meal each day for an entire year, it can reduce the likelihood of them falling ill by up to 40%, as well as increase their energy levels which will make them more productive!

20) When you help fund school projects in areas that are economically disadvantaged, it can boost children’s self-esteem and academic achievement by 20-50%

21) Having teachers who exemplify financial literacy is important because this way kids will know how to save or spend their money responsibly. In areas where children have access to teachers who teach finance classes, they are more likely to be financial.


It can be hard to determine where your money will do the most good. But if you’re considering donating to a charity that helps children in need, then this blog post is for you. We’ve covered some of the basics about these charities and provided tips on how to donate effectively so you get the biggest return on investment possible. So before checking out or giving up altogether, take another look at our list of things every donor should know about children’s burn foundations – maybe it will help make your decision easier!

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