A Few Things You Can Try if You Want to Attract a Genuine Partner

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 A Few Things You Can Try if You Want to Attract a Genuine Partner

When most people are ready, they usually want along-term relationship, but some people keep getting into messy relationships with individuals who can’t offer them what they want or need. If you’re one of those people then, you’ve probably also heard your friends and family tell you that you deserveto be with somebody who makes you happy, someone who appreciates you for who you are. However, all of the supposedly decent individuals you meet wind up being taken or outright toxic for you. Have you ever tried the following to figure out what you’re doing wrong to keep attracting the wrong people?

Do things you love

Nothing is more unattractive in a relationship than a person who has no life or who is not happy with their life to an extent that they cling onto others to escape it – these people shouldn’t be dating; they should be in the Gym at Concord West working themselves into good mental and maybe even physical shape. The trick to having a good relationship with a fantastic partner is to first have a good relationship with yourself and your life. Doing things, you love and that make you happy is beneficial in many ways, for starters, it will make you more attractive and, you can’t love anybody else until you love yourself.

Wherever you go and on whatever platform you use, be yourself


You can, if open to the idea, meet people from online, over time you may be able to form a relationship and eventually meet, or just jump straight in and meet as soon as you want… If you are open and honest about who you are and what you believe in them, you’ll be more appealing to those who share your principles, and those who don’t will usually respect you. If you use social media, be sure to make your profile a true reflection of yourself in order for things to move as smoothly as possible with people you talk with and meet. Social media is full of people who live a fantasy ‘online’ life, profile picture looking like something out of a super model catalogue yet, when you meet, you’d rather look at their feet the entire time.


Keep anopen mind 


Being open-minded is crucial to making relationships and attracting new people when you’re out and about, you will be happier, if you don’t have preconceived notions of how things are supposed to be and use them to evaluate others from the get-go. Egos and closed-mindedness go hand in hand, together, they have a detrimental impact on any relationship so, you can throw your ego out of the window and attempt to have no expectations, therefore you should enter into a new relationship that flourishes naturally.


Keeping an open mind is key in anything we do, especially in relationships because, no two people think exactly the same, so it’s really important to at least be open minded enough to respect somebody else’s points of view. If that cannot happen for whatever reason, then you’ll probably end up single or, with somebody who reflects the way you think.

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