5 Spectacular Benefits of Drinking Mocktails

Celebrations and social events can seem like a nuisance if you aren’t able to enjoy a drink with everyone. People often conclude that cocktails are generally healthier and safe to consume in large amounts, but that isn’t true.

If you’re a recovering alcoholic, a pregnant woman, or choose to avoid alcohol altogether, then mocktails are the ideal drink for you.

Mocktails basically mock cocktails but don’t include the alcohol. In fact, instead of damaging your health, they can further improve it.

Here are five reasons you should switch to mocktails and reap the benefits.

Much More Nutritious

When prepared in a healthy way, mocktails provide you with the essence of a cocktail and the benefits of all the ingredients you use. The more healthy ingredients you use, the more nutrients the mocktail will have, so it is completely up to you.

Most people would agree that cocktails go down pretty easily, which is extremely dangerous as excessive alcohol takes a major toll on your health. If you’re making mocktails at home, you have complete control over what goes into it. You can add multiple fruits, herbs, and even antioxidants to improve your overall health.

Easy to Make

You dont have to be an experienced bartender or know how to deal with complex ingredients in order to make a good mocktail. They are typically very easy to make and don’t consume much time either. But if you don’t feel like making one yourself, then Banks Botanicals healthy mocktails are the solution for you.

Mocktails are also much less expensive since you won’t be using the most pricey ingredient that goes into cocktails: alcohol. When you remove the alcohol, the price of mocktails is significantly reduced, making them easier to prepare and cheaper to buy.

Prevents Hangovers

The social stigma around drinking alcohol at a party or special event has always been a sensitive topic. Some people develop severe health issues and force themselves to consume alcoholic drinks for the sake of other people, to not seem like a boring person.

Instead of a cocktail party that will leave you hungover and full of regret in the morning, a mocktail party will leave you healthier and happier than before. But that doesn’t mean you should overdo it with a mocktail since they contain fruit liquids that should be consumed in small quantities.

Non-Addictive Nature

Mocktails are obviously much healthier than their alcoholic counterparts. Alcohol is known for its addictive properties, and large consumption of alcohol can contribute to various chronic diseases, like:

  • Hypertension
  • Pancreatitis
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Gout
  • Certain kinds of strokes
  • Several types of cancers

Consuming alcohol and feeling pleasure while doing so leads to craving even more, which is the sole reason for alcohol addiction worldwide. Completely removing alcohol makes mocktails entirely free of alcohol abuse and addiction risks.

Safe for Everyone

Cocktails and alcoholic drinks are typically not consumed in family events since it’s not safe for most pregnant women and children. But that’s not the case with mocktails. Mocktails are generally safe to be drunk by anyone, considering they don’t replace regular water consumption.

They are also visually appealing for children and are kid-friendly. A healthy mocktail can also be the ideal choice for pregnant women if they are looking for a special drink but won’t cause any risk to their unborn baby.

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