5 Best Places to Visit in Buffalo after the Wedding

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Are you a newlywed couple? Do you want to spend a romantic evening strolling on a beautiful plaza of a Bustling city of New York? Yes? Then visit Buffalo. The city of dreams and spectacular locations will take your mind away. Just ask your lovely partner with whom you want to spend your whole life, maybe they have a hidden desire to visit this city.

Friends, take your time and think about this journey, just with your romantic partner. Everyone should have a love tale to tell to their kids and friends. That should be you, this time. Don’t wait then, book tickets from Southwest Airlines Official Site and enjoy your trip.

Kleinhans Music Hall

Hey husbands, don’t you want to impress your wife? Don’t you want to take them to Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo? Ask them out!! Maybe they are dying to go there. It was the dream of Edward and Mary Seaton Kleinhans, who opened this music hall, from a small fortune made with a high-end clothing store. That’s so romantic, no guys?? The couple decided to live for eternity just through this.

Buffalo Zoo

If you are planning to visit Buffalo and want to experience some wildlife thrills, then you should put this site on your priority list. Couples love to take pictures and selfies with incredible animals, who are always entertaining them. The Zoo is home to a diverse collection of wild and exotic animals, which includes a gorilla troop, Indian rhinoceros, polar bears, tigers, and many others. Just book Southwest Flight Tickets and get unbelievable offers.

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens

Suppose you are strolling hand-in-hand along the green paths of Erie County Botanical Gardens of Buffalo, with your partner. How romantic is that, imagine!!! Right, couples? Why imagine when you can live that sweet moment. The gardens provide a place for the public to enjoy an impressive living plant collection. Plus, your partner will feel refreshed in this green observatory.


Situated in the heart of Buffalo’s waterfront gentrification, Canalside is a revitalized area of downtown Buffalo. Visitors profoundly put this spot in their itinerary as it offers them a variety of things to do in the park, like enjoy some green space, relax, and take in some occasional entertainment. Canalside also hosts numerous events in a year, such as a paddle and pedal boating, cycling, exercise and yoga classes, and much more.

Shea’s Performing Arts Center

After a hectic city tour, if you are willing to know something more about the city and its culture, then you should visit the outstanding Shea’s Performing Arts Center. You will get enthralling experiences through its special cultural events, silent films, Broadway troupes, and other special events. Just ask your life partner and collect memorable moments with them.

This summer should be a romantic getaway, no? Your partner would be eager to know everything about the city and wishing to spend this outing just with you. You want this too? Just visit Southwest Airlines Reservations Portal and reserve seats for them, in advance.

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